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Dried Lotus seeds 300g - wooden box

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  • Pack: 300G
  • Ingredients: Fresh lotus seeds 97 %, vegetable oil
  • Using: ready to eat
  • MFG: See on the Packaging
  • EXP: See on the Packaging
  • DOC: 2082/2014/YTHCM-XNCB
  • The price has included VAT tax 10%

Lotus seeds or lotus nuts, with cool and sweet taste, have effects on heart sustenance, spleen sustenance, beside the treatment in physical weakness, insomnia, poor diet, diarrhea. Lotus seeds contain one particular enzyme called L-isoaspartyl methyltran sfercese. This enzyme works to reproducing proteins in the human body hurt and eventually make your skin youthful.

In Vietnam, there are many lotus regions with increasingly cultivated field. From the leaves to seeds, stalks and roots, lotus has nothing useless; otherwise, many part of lotus is used to invent many Vietnamese dishes. In modern architecture, lotus is also a decorative accent which is beautiful and ethereal. Each part of lotus has its own feature and benefit, in particular, lotus seed is recognized as the most precious part, which is used to make lotus jam for Tet holiday or other events.


Exclusive Product of NAM XANH JSC

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