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About Us


Developing with the Nature

Nam Xanh Joint Stock Company was incorporated in 2010 and specializing in natural food products in Vietnam.

Having kept the constant creativity and sustainable development, we have moved on forward our long-term vision to become a leading natural product manufacturer and distributor in Vietnam while internationally building the Vietnam brand of Nam Xanh, promoting the mind and proud of Vietnamese people and the harmony of “Man & Nature”.

 Always stay committed:

All Nam Xanh products go through a stringent production process from selection of raw materials, processing to packaging to ensure that our environment-friendly and artificial flavor and coloring-free products have the best and top quality using no preservatives and food additives.

Products of Nam Xanh always remain and present natural colors and flavors.

In addition to our commitment to the excellence, Nam Xanh products are always “one in a million”, being inspired by the high creativity of the Nam Xanh carrying with cultural messages towards the attitude and love of the Nature by Vietnamese people

Nam Xanh Gifting is not only a present of best Vietnamese produce, but also telling different stories about Vietnam’s tradition, culture, nature and people in many parts of the country

Despite its small size, each of Nam Xanh Gifting products delivers a message of great caring and thoughtfulness by the giver to his beloved ones.

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