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Orientating towards the trend to simple and natural products, Nam Xanh’s products for gift  2017 focus on the message “Sharing is caring”. We could not have had all ideas and messages today without great contributions by our customers and business partners.

Continuing use brocade, richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics made by Thai ethnic minority in Moc Chau, Hoa Binh Province, to mainstream the design of Vietnamese Traditional Holiday (Tet) gift boxes, bamboo are combined in the gift boxes as a new feature this year. Featuring the simplicity and ordinariness, but symbolizing the strong vitality, bamboo provide a balance with the brocade, which is soft, but brilliantly colorful. These closely natural materials have inspired the brocade fabrics-covered gift boxes of Nam Xanh this year.


As the soul of weavers, colors play an essential role of creating brilliant shapes or patterns on a brocade. The mainstream colors are green of vegetation (trees and leaves); red, pink and white of colorful flowers; yellow of the sunshine; and grown of the soil. They come from manual dyeing using natural colors of types. Traditional brocade use threads made of cotton, flax and hemp fibers. The same is to the patterns using naturally available coloring-dyed threads.



Production of a complete fabric requires much strong efforts made by weavers from dyeing to weaving. It requires more than one day to finish a fabric sizing about 60x150cm. Thus, patterns on the fabric are different.

With the spirit of sharing, we also pay attention to the harmony and balance among products housed in the gift boxes. We are expecting to bring you an endless big surprise that keep you feel interested to explore how diversified the insiders are.

Exclusive Product of NAM XANH JSC

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